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Hoe om algemene struikelblokke vir KI-toepassingsontwikkeling te vermy?

The Shaip’s CEO and Cofounder Vatsal Ghiya in his latest guest feature talked about the importance of AI and how to overcome the obstacles that come in the line of AI application development.

Here are the key takeaways from the article

  • From medical diagnostic imaging to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence had been a great help in simplifying complex business processes at ease. Despite the widespread benefits of AI, the adoption rate of AI is still low due to a range of obstacles coming their way. 
  • To develop any AI application data is the key element to drive and scale the process. And just because data is being generated too faster than ever before doesn’t mean that data is easy to come by. Low-quality biased data is another key challenge that needs to be taken care of while deploying AI. 
  • Moreover, once you have quality data, your work is far from over. You need to convert that data into machine learning format a process that has numerous challenges. Hence, you must have a team that can work on getting insights from the data and makes AI application development a smooth ride.

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