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Belangrikheid van kunsmatige intelligensie en KI-data-insameling om die globale Fintech-heffing te lei

In this latest guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya, CEO and co-founder of Shaip has shared some key pointers on the role of Artificial Intelligence and how AI data collection is going to play a big role in leading the global fintech charge.

The Key Takeaway from the article is-

  • Financial services have metamorphosed over time, also the surge in mobile payments, personal banking solutions, better credit monitoring, and other financial patterns ensure the monetary inclusions. But with the data-intensive processes, it’s vital to have technologies like AI is vital for better data extraction and processing.
  • That’s the reason, AI witnessed a Global surge of 23.17% in the next five years with a market valuation expected to hit the $26.67 billion mark by the end of 2026. And setting up AI for fintech is all about making deep learning and machine learning intelligent enough by feeding enough data into it.
  • Moreover, using Artificial Intelligence in Fintech organizations helps in improving decision-making, better security, customer support, predictive analytics, automation, better trading, and many others.

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