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Natuurlike taalverwerking om gedigitaliseerde stelsel in finansies te skep

Vatsal Ghiya, CEO & co-founder of Shaip in this guest feature has shared some insightful pointers on the importance of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and how it’s digitized the whole organization right from data entry to understanding customer preference.

Die sleutel wegneemete van die artikel is-

  • With rising digital payments and the high adoption of automation technologies, it has become imperative for finance organizations to ensure sales and maximize their conversion rate by accelerating digitization all across the organization. But how can organization leverage these for enhancing process efficiency and giving employees the ability to perform data faster?
  •  In layman’s language, Natural Language Processing is the subset of artificial intelligence technology that uses machine learning algorithms to make the computer understand and analyze customer preferences. Also, NLP can make it easy for finance organizations to get real time information for better decision making and process.
  • The top application of natural language processing is topic modeling, optical character recognition, sentimental analysis, and named entity to cater to customer needs and enable financial employees for better productivity and decision making.

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