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Leer die OCR van Basies tot Gevorderd en die gebruiksgevalle daarvan

Are you into data entry fields or deal with large volumes of data in your day-to-day operations? If your answer is Yes, then this article is all up to you. In this guest feature, Vatsal Ghiya CEO and cofounder of Shaip has discussed the basics of OCR and how and where it can be used to generate better data workflow.

Die sleutel wegneemete uit die artikel is

  • OCR technology is the combination of hardware and software that scan textual data and images and then extract information out of it in a structured format for better use. And the best part about OCR is that it offers real time information and make correction also in real time.
  • Apart from this OCR works in three processes and these are-image pre-processing, intelligent character recognition, and post processing. By following these processes enterprises can create an effective OCR model for their data access.
  • These OCR models can be used across multiple industries like banking, retail, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and IT for extracting insights from structured, unstructured and semi-structured data flawlessly without any manual intervention.

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